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The first ever showing will be at the end of this month, at a specific date and location that is to be announced. The schedule will also be revealed in time (when I figure out what it's going to be). The basic format will be and hour or so of shorts from the abyss topped off with a feature length (or thereabouts) product of ineptitude, psychosis, delusion, or error (all of the above if we're lucky). Those interested in forming their own chapters should contact me post haste. We'll get a page started up for you, and I will send you all the necessary images, files, etc for ease of dissemination. Without any of you, this is just me and my roommate watching movies on my couch, so let's see a little effort to step outside of ourselves and make something exciting (albeit wretchedly bad) happen.

Until the future!
-Al Truism

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stolen 1st Post

Inexplicably, the original Wizard of Gore is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have viewed it way more than many "good" movies, and continue to enjoy it more with each viewing. It is a fine wine of a bad movie. There are many subtle tastes and aspects to it that are only revealed to the discerning viewer. To the novice, it is merely an amateurish insufferable hour and a half they will invariably feel was stolen from them. For me it has provided hours and hours of entertainment and more insight into the functions of film making and narrative than any Best Picture Winner I've ever seen.

The Wizard of Gore

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To my joy/ horror (yet to be decided) they recently decided to re-make this gem with none other than Crispin Hellion Glover at the helm. I've no doubt that he will be a more than capable Montag (perhaps too capable), but after finally catching a glimpse of the trailer, I have little hope left for the rest of the film. Although Jeffery Coombs (Herbert West of ReAnimator) has a role, so it's got that going for it, which is nice.

Ultimately it will be up to us to decide what reality really is.

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